En fisker står med ryggen til


INSULA (latin for ISLAND)

– A better world through love of seafood

For generations, catching and processing resources from the sea has been the basis of life for the population, has created settlements and lit houses along the coast. Through love of the ocean, the trade and tradition, an innovative and forward thinking seafood industry provides seafood delicacies to an ever-growing market.

Insula AS was established in 2015. Through our portfolio of solid and tradition-rich companies, we build strong, multidisciplinary expertise related to processing and sale of seafood. Our business strategy is to be a complete seafood supplier towards the consumer market, with the Nordic countries considered our home market.

Seafood is good for the body and good for the environment. Consumers choose seafood when it tastes good and is easy to prepare. We will take care of that. In this way we make society healthier and more sustainable.

That is why we say:

A better world through love of seafood!



Insula AS
Havet 45
N-8370 Leknes

Phone: +47 76 08 70 00
E-mail: post@insula.no


CEO: Sigvald Rist
CFO: Jan Erik Angelsen
Director Business Development: Merethe Holte
Director Communications: Camilla Beck Sætre
CEO Lofotprodukt (Norway): Øystein Rist
CEO Sweden: Benjamin Ajo
CEO Escamar (Finland): Jean Gallen
CEO Amanda Seafoods (Denmark): Jesper Kold Sørensen
COO Whitefish: Morten Hyldborg Jensen


Insula is owned by Kverva AS (92 %)